Digital Marketing Strategist

444 Media would like to be an employer of choice, attracting and retaining the best talent in the Digital industry. Our hiring philosophy is based on 5 core aims, these are to hire the best employees, treat every employee well, give all employees a chance to grow their careers, create a culture of innovation, and to provide a great working environment. At 444 Media, we believe that every person has unlimited potential, and that everyone of us has the ability to grow beyond our jobs. All our policies and processes are designed around these philosophies. Above all we value transparency, strong work ethic, and challenging work, and we expect all our employees to lead in their own way with respect, honesty, and integrity. Every employee is encouraged to support the development of the companies high performance culture through open feedback.

As part of our growing team, we require a Digital Strategist (DS) to support the various business teams, and our clients, with digital business, digital marketing, and digital delivery strategies. The DS is expected to be and remain knowledgeable on all current and emerging digital channels, media platforms, technologies, methods, processes, innovations, and frameworks – and to support the business and our clients to distil these into effective digital business and marketing strategies. The DS will furthermore provide Digital innovation leadership, as well as ensure that the companies digital skills, digital maturity, and its people digital capabilities are and remain best-of-breed at all times. The DS is also expected to be the go-to-person for the latest digital knowledge in the company, and to be our eyes and ears in the Digital industry.

Responsibilities will include;

  • Support the commercial teams through developing targeted industry strategies and propositions in order to grow the companies client book and revenues
  • Develop, Manage and execute a company marketing strategt and plan
  • Assist to develop, manage and regularly update the company’s credentials, case studies, marketing and positioning strategies, and business development plans and content .
  • Conduct digital training with commercial, client service, and delivery teams to improve performance
  • Work with the client service team to unpack briefs, conduct research, and gather requirements
  • Research and build pitch-decks, strategies, and proposals for new prospects and existing clients
  • Run Digital immersion, strategy, and campaign workshops for existing and prospective clients
  • Assist with defining digital delivery strategies and processes for production and delivery teams
  • Directly Manage large or complex projects, and clients, providing active leadership to team
  • Proactively provide guidance, digital insights, market research, and consumer insights to teams
  • Conduct ongoing internal digital skills and maturity assessments, and address any gaps
  • Develop a Digital innovation roadmap for the company, ensuring through ongoing training that all staff are certified and remain abreast of Digital industry trends at all times.
  • Engage with OTT, Digital media, Digital solution partners to improve their support for the company
  • Create and manage an internal company knowledge wiki with ongoing Digital information and news
  • Plan and conduct innovation workshops on various Digital topics both internally and externally evidence the companies expertise with staff and clients, including inviting experts and partners
  • Manage and continuously improve the overall Digital Ways-of-Working (DWOW) for the company

Key Performance Indicators

  • Internal Team Satisfaction with DS Support, Knowledge, and Insights
  • Client / Industry / Consumer Research Quality
  • Company Digital Maturity Survey Results
  • Pitch / Proposal Quality and Client Acceptance Rates
  • Strategy, Delivery and DWOW Innovation

If you would like to apply, please email your Resume and Cover Letter to