Performance Marketing

Performance marketing leverages the capabilities of advanced data tracking technologies in order to allow businesses to drive clearly defined metrics, constantly refine campaign performance, and only pay when results are achieved. It is a comprehensive term that includes social media marketing, SEM, display ads and programmatic, among others.

Although you only pay when certain results are achieved, that doesn’t mean that all forms of performance marketing are suitable for every business. At 444 Media, we help our clients identify which channels will have the greatest impact on their objectives – based on factors such as the strength of their digital presence, the makeup of their target audience and their budget – and then apply years of experience and knowledge in order to get the most out of these channels.

Paid Social

Combined with a strong organic social media strategy, paid social has the potential to drive significant results for your business. The key to unleashing that potential? Large amounts of data from testing, tweaking and optimizing countless other paid campaigns. While individual businesses are limited to their own data, 444 Media has access to the results of hundreds of tests and experiments, allowing us to provide superior targeting and more effective messaging.

As the most used social media platform in the world with over 2.9 billion users, Facebook provides massive reach. At the same time, its popularity makes it an incredibly competitive marketplace and requires highly effective targeting in order to run a successful campaign. Throw in some of the latest data privacy laws and it becomes a rather complex environment. Allow our Facebook advertising experts to help you navigate these intricacies and develop a strategy that will put you one step ahead of the competition.

Although managed within the same platform as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads require a distinct strategy and highly visual content in order to fully realize the potential that the ads present. Understanding the nuances of both Facebook and Instagram, we make sure your messaging is properly tailored and formatted in a way that will resonate with the audiences of each.

When it comes to B2B marketing, LinkedIn provides a world of opportunities as the largest online professional network. Join the growing number of businesses turning to LinkedIn for their B2B marketing needs with professionally managed campaigns from 444 Media.

Google Ads

Encompassing a wide range of ad platforms, including search, display, video and shopping ads, Google Ads provides users with an impressive artillery of marketing tools on the most widely used search engine in the world. 

Expertise in…

Google Search Ads · Google Display Ads · Remarketing Campaigns · Video Ads (YouTube) · Google Shopping Ads


Take your digital marketing beyond more traditional online channels with our programmatic advertising services. 

Why Programmatic?

Refined Audience Targeting – create custom audiences using 3rd party data 

Access to More Channels – including audio advertising (music streaming), OTT ads (online video streaming), digital out-of-home ads and more

Granular Reporting – access an extensive measurement marketplace that uses real-time data and that combines both on-site and off-site inputs 

Cost-Effective Bidding – leverage the power of programmatic to only buy the most cost-effective ad placements

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